Mohd Shahrul, PhD
Atmospheric Scientist

About Myself

I graduated from National University of Malaysia with a Bsc in Environmental Chemistry and continued my Msc at Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus, Germany for Process Engineering & Plant Design. Afterward, I did my PhD in Atmospheric Science at The University Malaya, Malaysia. While in my PhD period, I distinguished myself as a superb atmospheric scientist due to my achievement in scientific research activities involving University of Cambridge (UK), University of East Anglia (UK), University of York (UK), and University of  Heildelberg (Germany) . I was also awarded a PhD with distinction from UM at the age of 28 in 2012. After finished my PhD, I had joined The National University of Malaysia (UKM) as senior lecturer at School of Environmental Science & Natural Resources and appointed as the Head of Centre for Tropical System & Climate Change (IKLIM) at The Institute of Climate Change UKM. I have garnered many research grant including Antarctic Research Grant for Climate Change studies. I have published more than 15 publications including refereed journals, chapter in book and proceedings.

My Science's theme

The central theme of my research is the biogenic of atmospheric trace gases mainly on halocarbons and isoprene emissions. Other areas of research include air pollution and climate change. In my role as Head of IKLIM, I also consider myself as polar scientists, oceanographers and marine chemists.


2016 Antarctic expedition on Isoprene and surface ozone emissions
2016 Antarctic expedition on Isoprene and surface ozone emissions